Discovery is a GLC school paper in which students of Yonsei University’s Global Leadership College (GLC) directly cover, write, translate, design, and publish articles once a semester. In line with the diverse cultural backgrounds of GLC students, this school paper is produced in a total of four languages: Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. Discovery not only allows students to share a variety of information with themselves, but also promotes our university to anyone interested in GLC.

Details of the roles of Discovery editorial staff are as follows

  • Article writing and translation: Editorial staffs directly cover and film various activities conducted within our university, and write articles regarding them. In addition, they accept manuscripts about useful students’ experiences and activities, and translate them into various languages.
  • School Paper Design: Editorial staff members study design programs such as Photoshop, Illustration, In-Design, workshops, etc. Such activities enable Discovery to design unique school paper that reflects the cultural characteristics of the language.
기수 활동 시작 시기 부원 명단
제1기 2016년 9월 송민근, 윤종서, 정여진, 정형근, 유정(Liu Zheng), 렉시(Lexi Ashimine)
제2기 2017년 3/9월 한정윤, 이화진, 주이연(Zhu Yi Ran), 유정(Liu Zheng), 양지선, 김지혜
제3기 2018년 3/9월 유정남, 길리(Ji Li), 박서주, 하울(Raul Iago Ataide de Souza Melo), 파티마(Elamin Fatima), 조형호
제4기 2019년 3/9월 박성민, 이희건(YI, HEEGUN) , 김문아(JIN WEN), 하츠네(Okuizumi Hatsune), 이태현, 문석현
제5기 2020년 3/9월 박하연, 히사에(Sawaguchi Hisae), 고민아(KO MAN), 효황(HOANG TRUNG HIEU), 김세나
제6기 2021년 3/9월 초이나, 오윤서, 한유진(Han Yuzhen),이수진(LEE, SUJIN), 김소정(JIN ZHAOTING), 마이(FUCHIGAMI, MAI)
제7기 2022년 3월 아키히사(IIDA, AKIHISA), 박현주
제8기 2022년 9월 아카네(KITAYAMA, AKANE), 이효민, 와카나(Wakana Ban)