GLC Student Council

All GLC students regardless of nationality are entitled to membership of the GLC Student Council, which is an organization that has the duty to defend the rights of all members at Yonsei University.

It also has responsibilities and obligations to protect students’ interests and improve the school system so that members can receive fair and equal treatment.

The student council consists of the chairman, executive chairman, executive director, and executive members, and regularly holds meetings to discuss various agendas such as the student council’s future development plan, event planning, and problems faced by members and their solutions.

Previous student councils have contributed to the student society by establishing rules to protect the rights and interests of GLC students. The weekly Central Steering Committee exercises the voting rights granted to the GLC student union and conducts resolutions on behalf of GLC students.

In addition, through meetings hosted by the GLC Steering Committee, suggestions, and discussions from the GLC Club Association and the student council of the department are collected to support and assist GLC students. In addition, it strives to protect students’ rights and interests, initiate projects to form cooperation between departments, host more events with other colleges at Yonsei University, and utilize social media more extensively for students.

The student council recruits its executive committee at the beginning of each semester and announces recruitment through social media and announcement chat rooms. The student council and events held by the student council are open to all GLC students.

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