President’s Welcoming Remarks

Welcome everyone to Yonsei University Global Leaders College,
the home of truth and freedom.

Yonsei University today is required to lead fast-paced social changes and present the vision of higher education in the Republic of Korea.

Also, the rapid growth of scientific technology and the development of means of info-communications, so-called the revolution of the history of civilization, are completely transforming the environment of education and research in universities.

In addition, the advent of the centenarian era is demanding a new education, so the education that Yonsei aims for is to raise our students into a talented individuals with creative minds.

Global Leadership Division, founded on March 2015, was promoted to Yonsei University’s 19th college in September 2018.

Through Global Leaders College, Yonsei University seeks to foster creative global leaders that will carry out the Yonsei spirit of Truth and Freedom, Challenge and Creation, Communication and Sympathy, and Sharing and Serving.

We hope that you find your dream and develop your potential as a global leader in Global Leaders College and contribute to the challenge of Yonsei for the next 100 years.


Seoung-Hwan Suh

Dean’s Welcoming Remarks

Welcome to Global Leaders College.

Global Leaders College (GLC), launched in 2015, started with only one undergraduate college and one major.

By 2023, the Global Leaders College has grown to incorporate two undergraduate colleges and five different majors with 1,000 students from 57 countries.

GLC has a high reputation as a college that provides the best service to overseas Koreans and foreign students through the establishment of a multidisciplinary curriculum for students, customized student assistance services, and scholarships exclusively for GLC students.

The Global Leaders College provides GLC common basic courses, customized education, and One-Stop administrative services for international students who have completed their education abroad and foreign students who are not familiar with the Korean educational environment.

GLC assists students to explore and acquire knowledge in various academic fields that are necessary for the era of globalization and to establish a foothold in their growth as global leaders.

By operating a total of five different majors, including International Commerce Major, Korean Language and Culture Education Major, Cultural Media Major, Bio & Living Engineering Major, and Applied Information Engineering Major, we actively encourage students to pursue a double major or a minor in addition to their main major.

We also encourage students to participate in internship and hands-on training programs and work experience programs while attending school to ensure that there are no difficulties in career choice and employment.

The role of the Global Leaders College will become even more important in the future of Yonsei, the most prestigious private university in the world.

The Global Leaders College will aim to continue to nurture future talented students who can create new values and be active internationally through a multidisciplinary education that combines the intelligence and character required in the era of globalization.

We look forward to writing the history of the continued growth of the Global Leaders College together.


Yun Mook Lim