[채용공고] Logrus IT 코리아 정규직 채용(Native Indonesian) Associate, Production Operations & Technology Solutions

2022-08-30 14:10

Logrus IT 코리아 인도네시아 원어민(Native Indonesian) 정규직 채용 공고

정규직(인도네시아 원어민): 한국에서 2-3개월 교육/훈련  인도네시아에서 근무

[로그러스 IT 회사 소개]




[지원 방법]

2022. 9. 5.(월)까지 아래 서류를 glc@yonsei.ac.kr 로 제출

1. Resume (in English)

2. Cover letter (in English)

3. English proficiency certificate (TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.)

*문의처: GLC 행정팀 02-2123-3215 / glc@yonsei.ac.kr

  • [Job Description]
  • Associate, Production Operations & Technology Solutions Logrus IT Korea is an independent provider of content creation, localization, multi-media production and game QA/testing for functionality and compatibility, is planning to position itself in Indonesia with a goal of becoming a leading creative content creator and meticulous game QA/testing specialist in Southeast Asia.
  • The Opportunity A candidate will play an integral role in ensuring that all content created in Indonesia is delivered to fulfil clients’ evolving needs, high standards and specifications, with the focus on scalable workflows for vendor/employee onboarding , delivery, quality control, and technical support of our homegrown QA tool, AssurIT and LQA Portal.
  • An ideal candidate will have a passion and intellectual curiosity for technical and operational problem solving to achieve operational optimum efficiency and obtain the deep knowledge of standards, workflows, and processes, and will be adaptable to a constantly changing ecosystem of game, content, localization, digital media, finance, accounting, and projects.
  • A devotion to, and love of coaching, teaching, creating training material and having empathy for those you interact with who are unfamiliar with our technologies, processes, and workflows will serve you well in this role.
  • A successful candidate will be provided with the career development paths of an ongoing mechanism to upscale his/her skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of his/her current jobs and promotions.
  • We are looking for someone who has:
- Experience in sales of services (preferably in the field of localization, game QA/testing, and content writing) and in B2B sales
- Creative approach and ability to find solutions for a specific client/project
- Ability to navigate well on the local Internet sites and social networks
- Desire and ability to learn new processes, trends, and technologies, focusing on generating results while adhering to the highest personal and professional -standards of integrity and ethics
- Experience in events managing, administrating, and organizing (a plus)
- Experience of fulfilling administrative tasks (document management, basic accounting skills) (a plus)
- An intention to work remotely, online, and alone until an office is legitimately established in Indonesia.
- Willingness to take training and education online and in Korea
  • - Responsibilities and duties will include but are not limited:
  • Responsibilities
  •  - Assist the Production Management team of Logrus IT Korea with quality control and ad hoc projects.
    • - Act on a liaison between the local clients and partners and the Production Management and Business Development teams in Korea to coordinate information sharing and address incoming and outgoing requests and inquires.
    • - Analyze target markets, forecast sales, and identify potential customers.
    • - Serve as a project manager for all business initiatives where a local support is needed.
    • - Schedule localization, QA, and testing projects for assigned projects.
    • - Coordinate and organize client meetings, presentations and manage client relationships.
    • - Report project progression, daily operations, and finances to the HQs in Korea.
    • - Ensure all documentation are updated.
    • - Outsource, onboard, maintain, and update vendor/freelancer contact information and contracts/proposals.
    • - Maintain the workflow and comply with procedures of the Project/Account Management team in Korea.
    • - Identify ad drive process and workflow improvements in the production and administration of a local office.
    • - Provide general local employment in searching and interviewing new candidates (with the help of representatives from the HQs in Korea)
    • - Provide general local research and support for all production services needs to the representatives from the HQs in Korea.
    • - Review and process invoices for payment and filling.
    • - Calculate and compare costs for services against industry averages.
    • - Control employees including game testers, native translators, PMs, etc.
    • - Take part in different business events as an interpreter
    • - Build and maintain great relationships with internal and external stakeholders including testers, vendors, freelancers, project managers, business development managers, etc.
    • - Work with partners and stakeholders to build, utilize, and improve our testing lab and/or production facilities
    • - Perform the LiveOps testing for game compatibility, functionality, cross-platform and the LQA for localized games.
    • - Conduct game QA testing and document and report all issues.
    • - Manage projects, costs, and test schedules for game titles.
    • - Manage inventory, order, and replenish stocks for stationery, office supplies, and more, when necessary
    • - Support office administrative work (interaction with external services: rental, Internet, telephony, audit, tax authorities).
  • Qualifications  
    • - 2+ years of prior experience in the software localization, LQA and/or game QA is preferred, but not a must
      • - Ability to prioritize and work in a fast-paced environment
      • - Willingness to take educated risks, think out of the box, and troubleshoot expected/unexpected issues
        - Organization, detail orientation, and ability to manage time under deadlines in the execution of projects
    • - 4-year college degree (BA/BS degree and above)
    • - Excellent written and spoken Indonesian language skills (certificates and diplomas, substantial experience in interpreting would be an asset) are required
    • Good knowledge of English (a must) and/or Korean (not a must) to communicate with the Headquarters in South Korea regularly
    • - Ability to work cross-functionality and cross-border
    • - Newly hired employees must be vaccinated by their start date, unless living or working in a region that prohibits vaccine mandates
    • - Basic knowledge of computer processors, memory, graphics, network technologies, mobile phones, consoles, and network security (not a must)
  • Working conditions - Employment in accordance with local labor law
    • - Salary level is discussed individually
    • - Business flights and other travel expenses are paid for
    • - Compensation of rental expenses is provided
    • - Support and regular trainings both on-line and in Korea as needed.
  • About Logrus IT  
    Logrus IT provides full-cycle localization of mobile and video games, including voiceover, testing and cultural adaptation.  Since 1997, we have localized over 500 games ranging from small mobile puzzle games like Cut the Rope and ending with such AAA-scale projects as FarCry series, Assassin’s Creed series, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Civilization IV and many others. We cooperate with the largest international publishers of computer games, as well as with game developers such as Ubisoft, Blizzard, Rockstar Games, 2K Games, NC Soft, Smilegate Megaport, Microsoft Studios, Vivendi Universal Games, Riot Games and Kalypso Media.
    Logrus IT offers content creation services to the globally recognized companies such as Kia Motors, Samsung, McDonald, Ubisoft, IBM, Kaspersky Labs, BMW, etc., for 2D motion graphics, technical manuals, MarComm materials, FAQ, blogs and many others.