Global Leadership Division (GLD) External Scholarships



Agreement period

Number of beneficiaries


GLC-SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation Fund

‣SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation was established in 1992 to cultivate truly talented individuals according to the will of late Haeam Lee Jong-deok, founder of SeAh Group, to practice honesty and contribute to future scientific and technological development.

Spring semester 2021 ~ Fall Semester 2023

8 students per year

2,000,000 won per semester.

Four semesters in total

GLC-SeAh Holdings

Scholarship Fund

‣ SeAh Group has created greater synergy by expanding its business area based on its core capabilities in steel manufacturing.

‣ There are more than 40 affiliates in Korea and abroad, and each core competency is developed into a global competitive edge and the value of SeAh is conveyed to the world

8 students per year

GLC-Scholarship for Hyundai Energy Solutions

‣ Hyundai Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. produces the world’s best solar cells and modules through continuous R&D investment and expansion of state-of-the-art production facilities.

‣ Leading the solar energy industry by providing various solutions such as award-winning, farming, and smart solar cities

4 students per year

2,500,000 won per semester

A total of 20 people are selected per year.

※ Please refer to the notice for details such as the scholarship application targets and standards.



(Culture and Media Major 20, Norway)

I came to study from Norway because I like Korea, and I am so surprised and happy. I will do my best to represent my country and our school and have a good influence on my juniors. Yonsei University is a prestigious university in Korea and is a place where you can take lectures from the best professors. Colleagues are also the best students. I will make good use of this great environment to meet various people and share my thoughts, feelings, and values to develop myself further. I want to be a person who can do things that change the world even a little bit.


(Applied Information Engineering Major 18, Vietnam)

I was so excited to hear that I was selected as a scholarship student. It is burdensome to walk on a path that no one has ever walked before, such as the first major in applied information engineering and the first scholarship student at the SeAH Haiam Scholarship Foundation, but I will continue to work hard without forgetting the word that college is a magical time. So I will grow into a “proud me” who can give cool advice to juniors who walk the same path as me.


(International Commerce Major 20, Russia)

After living in Russia for 20 years, I came to Korea to grow into a better person. I am majoring in international commerce major because my job, translating at B2B events for Korean companies to enter Russia, instilled an interest in international trade. I have a dream of becoming a much more sharing and giving person within 10 years. I don’t have a clear start-up idea, but I think I can start a company that has a positive impact on society by constantly working with my team. Everyone dreams, but not everyone can achieve their dreams. I am also trying to set goals, achieve those goals, and live a better life every day. When I become a person in my current dream position, I want to do my best to enjoy a happy life together without forgetting the weak in society. The activities I will do during my school years can be expressed as “seeds,” and I will be a person who goes forward to society and shares happiness based on rich experiences like trees that produce abundant fruits after being sprayed.


(International Commerce Major 18, China)

By experiencing the wider world, I chose GLC to find something that I can really enjoy and do well, and I am living with confidence that the choice was the best choice. Thank you GLC for being the basis of my dream to grow into a great marketer, and I am deeply grateful to Hyundai Energy Solution Co., Ltd. and the Dean Kim Sung-moon for being honored as a scholarship student. As I think it is rare to attract external scholarships at the college level, I will study hard and grow into a global talent that can help society. So I want to be a person who can donate scholarships to my alma mater after I become a member of society.


(International Commerce Major 19, China)

First of all, I am honored that I am chosen among the many excellent students of GLC. Thanks to the help and encouragement of professors and other students, I was able to come so far. I will do my best to live up to expectations. I grew up in Qingdao, China, and Qingdao had a very active trade relationship with Korea, so I naturally became interested in Korea-China trade and came to study in Korea. Currently, I am in charge of planning and translating events in the planning team of the Foreign Students’ Association at GLC, and in the editorial department of DISCOVERY school magazine. In addition, I am responsible for writing Chinese-speaking articles and producing Instagram. From this semester, I am looking forward to working at the ICG International Trade Association, a new academic society. After graduation, I am developing my dream of working in the Chinese marketing field of a global company or a Korean company as I’m participating in diverse activities. In order to grow into a better person than me in the past, I plan to continue to develop my capabilities without neglecting to develop myself.


(International Commerce Major 21, Singapore)

I am very happy and honored to be selected as a scholarship student for GLC-Hyundai Energy Solution Co., Ltd. I’m so proud and happy because I feel like I’ve been recognized for all the hard work and time I’ve worked so hard. I would like to express my gratitude to Hyundai Energy Solution Co., Ltd. and GLC for supporting me. I wish to repay you with more efforts from now on. Even before I came to Korea, I became interested in corporations because I felt the influence of the Korean Wave directly in Singapore and Southeast Asian markets. I chose to major in international commerce because I felt the need for international relations and language while living in Korea. As I pursued my major, I became more interested in the ASEAN market and marketing field. I am currently a member of Yonsei University’s Foreign Students Association. When I first came to Korea, there were many unfamiliar things and it was hard to adapt, but I hope other foreign students don’t have this kind of experience. I think it is meaningful to solve difficulties that foreign students are experiencing and make college life more enjoyable through international student associations. Upon graduation, I want to get a job at a Korean company and work in the global market or marketing field. Using my English and Chinese skills, I want to overcome language barriers and communicate with large companies in major markets around the world such as the United States, China, and Southeast Asia as an employee of a Korean company.