GLC Online Tutoring Video Lecture


  • To help GLC students with self-directed learning, videos of lectures conducted by tutors on major subjects and elementary and intermediate Korean subjects are provided.
  • Students can learn through LearnUs, and take the lectures of their choice through automatic or direct registration.


No. Subject No. Subject
1 Understanding International Finance 10 SW Programming
2 Numbers and Life 11 GLC Mathematics
3 Statistical Practice 12 Beginner Level Korean 1
4 Engineering Mathematics 1 13 Beginner Level Korean 2
5 Economic Mathematics 1 14 Intermediate Level Korean 1
6 Introduction to Economics 15 Intermediate Level Korean 2
7 Introduction to Statistics 16 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
8 Introduction to Journalism 17 Expression and Processing of Information through Programming
9 Introduction to Psychology 18 Basic Experiments on Biological Life

※Translation subtitles in foreign languages such as English, Chinese, and Japanese are provided to all video lectures.