Participants’ Thoughts


(Cultural Media Major 20, China)

Face-to-face GLC writing guidance was a very special experience for me, and I recommend it to all students. In college, we write a lot of reports. Whenever we write a report, we may wonder if we are on the right track, if there is anything missing, what is missing, and if we have to revise it, what and how we should correct it. Whenever that happens, I apply for face-to-face writing guidance. First, my face-to-face writing instructor points out the biggest problem with my report. They point out what needs to be corrected and supplemented in terms of overall and detail. They also help improve the quality of the report by advising on deficiencies in the writing from a professional point of view. Furthermore, they tell you what and how to pay attention to when writing in the future. Therefore, I get new inspiration for writing a report after each face-to-face writing guidance. This is a very precious and important opportunity for me. In addition, you can improve your Korean skills through face-to-face writing guidance. The face-to-face guidance teacher is always passionate and kind. No matter what questions you ask about writing, they always answer enthusiastically and actively. This part is always deeply appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to tell the face-to-face writing instructors that they did a great job.


(Korean Language & Culture Education Major 21, Japan)

It’s a very helpful program for writing reports. Many foreigners including myself may struggle to write a report in Korean but this program helps to correct grammatical errors. It is a good opportunity to learn Korean because the professor is so kind and taught me the correct grammar. And even if you are not confident in grammar, you can write a report without any grammatical errors by actively using this program. I would like to recommend it because you can complete a better report if you use it before submitting i

Siting Chen

(Mass Communication 20, China)

Hello. I’m Siting, starting my undergrad in ‘20 in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. As a foreigner, one of the biggest problems I had while studying at university in Korea was language, especially writing seemed to be more difficult. Fortunately, my university has a writing tutoring program, and I really learned a lot from it. Writing tutoring doesn’t just correct wrong words or spacing, it also comments on the context, organization, etc. of your writing, so basically it helps you write better. So I truly used this program a lot. The teacher in charge of face-to-face tutoring is very thorough while teaching and kind every time, so I think you can feel free to get face-to-face tutoring! I definitely recommend having a try.

Siqi Wang

(Mass Communication 20, China)

My academic writing in Korean has been greatly improved through the writing coaching service. The professor in charge of the tutoring was very patient and very conscientious. I highly recommend everyone to make more use of the writing tutorials in their first year to improve their Korean language skills. As foreign students, the most difficult part of Korean is writing, and Yonsei University provides us with such a service, which we should actively use to improve our language skills. 通过这个项目,大家最苦恼的韩文写作可以得到提高。这项指导能够帮助大家在一年级取得更好的成绩,也为之后的学术研究铺平道路。非常推荐!