GLC Foreign Student Council

The Global Leaders College (GLC) Foreign Students Council is a student association composed of GLC students with nationalities other than Korean, and it supports the school life of foreign students.

The GLC Foreign Students’ Council consists of a chairman, executive directors, Chinese-speaking representatives, English-speaking representatives, Japanese-speaking representatives, and executive members.

It regularly discusses the student council’s future development plans, event planning, and problems faced by foreigner students and solutions to such problems.

Previous foreign student councils have organized Han River chicken and beer parties, sports competitions, and Chuseok events to promote friendship among students. Also, the council conducted a special discussion program that all participants are from different countries for two years designed for students to understand each other’s differences and thoughts. Due to COVID-19, the 3rd Foreign Student Association strengthened communication with students in online rather than face-to-face events and activities and conducted various virtual events.

Specifically, it held an online friend meeting event through Zoom for new foreign students every semester, and there is also an opinion box for foreign students to ask questions related to school life or study. In addition, the council organized various activities such as online reading group events.

Additionally, the Foreign Students Association operates Kakao Talk group chats and social media in various languages, translates and provides important announcements, and makes posters of information necessary for GLC foreign students (e.g., alien registration cards, luggage storage, etc.).

It also receive opinions and questions through e-mail and social media, and works diligently to solve problems and communicate.

The Korean Student Association mainly recruits executives at the beginning of the semester and announces recruitment in Kakao Talk group chats and social media.

Only foreigners from the Global Leadership Division (GLD) can apply join the Foreign Student Council, but all GLC students can participate in event organized by the Foreign Student Council.

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