Y’s GAP, short for Yonsei’s Global Association of Promotions, is a student organization that promotes Yonsei University and the Global Leaders College (GLC) on and off campus. For foreigners interested in Yonsei University and GLC, we conduct campus tours, provide guidance for various university and department events through social media, and make video contents to promote GLC.

Details of Y’s GAP activities are as follows

  • Tour Promotions: GLC Ambassadors at Y’s GAP offer tours of Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus and International Campus. Those interested can learn more about Yonsei University and GLC through tours in various languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English.
  • Social Media Promotion: GLC Ambassadors of Y’s GAP provide guidance regarding various programs at Yonsei University and GLC through Social Media.
  • Y’s GAP students upload photos and posters designed by themselves, and related content in near real-time in Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese.
  • Video Promotion: GLC Ambassadors of Y’s GAP produce various videos using diverse tools such as ADOBE and iMOVIE.
  • They produce graduation congratulatory videos, freshman orientation videos, and various program videos held at GLC.
  • Y’s GAP students are participating in the entire process of video production, from video content to script development, subtitles and background music, creating top quality video content.
기수 활동 시작 시기 부원 명단
제1기 2018년 1월 김지우, 김영(JINYING), 정여진, 하울(Raul Iago Ataide de Souza Melo), 아이라라(Hodzhayeva Aylar), 문선우
제2기 2018년 9월 박서주, 나무나(NAMUUDARI ENKHBAYAR), 파티마(Elamin Fatima), 얜(Tam Tsui Yan), 사에(Watanabe Sae), 미가(Altansukh, Myagmar Erdene)
제3기 2019년 3/9월 김은유(JIN EN-YU), 이주헌, 김샤론, 방조원, 조형호, 이경선, 미키렌(MIKI REN)
제4기 2020년 9월 엄진주, 김문아(JIN WEN), 김하늘, 정하원, 이유현, 김휘연
제5기 2021년 3/9월 난희원(LUAN HIS YUAN), 모에(NAKAMARU MOE), 김지후, 김정현
제6기 2022년 3월 임미령(LIN MEILING), 김세환, 홍송미, 앤(AKSELSEN ANN MARIELLE INOC)
제7기 2022년 9월 안상혁, 최유림, 양사(YANG, SHA), 아니타(I ANITA), 양지희