• Students with a level 5 or a higher TOPIK level are taught how to write basic academic Korean writing.
  • This program is a non-credit, extracurricular course designed to support learning.
  • There are no fees for these classes.

Learning Topics

No. Section Instructor
1 Writing-Reading Steps in Book Review Goo In-mo
2 Writing Steps in Book Review Goo In-mo
3 Writing a Movie Report Kim Yu-mi
4 Creating Research Questions for Social Science Reports Heo Jae-young
5 Organizing the Body of a Social Science Report Heo Jae-young
6 Paragraph Writing and Writing Composition Kim Sun-young
7 Writing Skills Required at University Level Cho Min-jung
8 Converting a Presentation into a Report Cho Min-jung
9 Prevention of Plagiarism and Providing Sources Lee Jeong-eun
10 Korean Writing Expressions 1 Park Ji-soon
11 Korean Writing Expressions 2 Park Ji-soon