(Global Leadership Division 22, China)

First of all, I thank all the professors who taught me numerous useful writing methods in this video lecture. I think the greatest advantage of these Korean Writing Video Course is that we are taught with the types of writing that are used frequently and that the lectures are strictly divided into different types of writing; Each lecture is exclusively about one type of writing. For example, if you are curious about how to write a movie appreciationin Korean, you can watch the “How to Write a Movie Appreciation “video which tells you only about how to write a movie appreciation.” Even each chapter is subdivided into short videos, so it was easy to find and learn. At the same time, the placement of the course content is very good. It’s short, but it’s all important. The contents of these Korean writing videos are very valuable and everything the professor explains is succint. So each video doesn’t seem long and dull. The lecture ends after learning the core contents. And all the professors introduces me what the class is about in advance and explains the syllabus. Typically, the lecture starts with three or four aspects, and each is explained with examples. Some professors even provide a writing template, which is very convenient because it can be applied immediately if you write it down well in your notes. I think it is very helpful for foreign students because the quality of the writing class is very high. I took a lot of notes while listening to the lecture. And I tried to understand the parts that I couldn’t understand well by replaying them. I think it is a great resource for any foreign student who wants to improve their Korean language skills.