Participants’ Thoughts

Syenni Lee

(Global Leadership Division 22, Indonesia)

This special lecture has various advantages. I have already taken the TOPIK once, and from the standpoint of experiencing the TOPIK, I think it is a useful lecture that can help preparing for the TOPIK for the first time. This is because the instructor explains in detail how to prepare for the TOPIK, what types of questions are mainly asked, and what to pay attention to in order to solve the questions. In particular, when preparing the TOPIK for the first time or studying only with test prep books, it is often difficult to understand what is important and what the difference between each question is, but I think participating in this special lecture can make it much easier to study. Of course, in order to get a high score on the TOPIK, a deep understanding of Korean grammar and vocabulary is needed, and it is important to practice through the sample tests. Just listening to a special lecture does not necessarily mean getting the desired grade on the TOPIK test. Special lectures help students prepare for the examination, which must be followed by individual effort. One regrettable thing was that there were only three special lectures. The questions on the TOPIK are so diverse that I think it is better to increase the special lecture time to more than four times to examine the types of questions thoroughly. In addition, it is the most difficult part for foreigners to write, so I hope that more explanations, practices, and examples of how to write will be provided.

Danilo Arsenio G. Joaquim

(Global Basic Education Division engineering department 22, Angola)

Hi, everyone here. I had the opportunity to participate in the TOPIK preparation special lecture organized by the Global Leaders College. I would like to introduce a few advantages and points of this special lecture. The first advantage of this special lecture is that even if you have already taken the TOPIK, it will help you reaffirm the structure of the test and improve your application strategy. On the other hand, for those who are new to the TOPIK, this special lecture will help them understand the structure and flow of the exam, so they will be able to get used to the exam itself. It is especially useful to learn the test preparation strategies introduced by your instructor. In addition, I encourage you to achieve your goals based on what you have learned in the special lecture, but not rely on or be limited to what you have learned in the special lecture, but use more research on tests, test materials, and all other resources. One of the reasons is that, unfortunately, the special lecture time is short, so it can’t cover everything completely. It is important to localize and handle the most difficult parts of yourself. Finally, I hope that you will find this lecture helpful in achieving your goals. Thank you.